Origin of Happiness

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    At first
    We would like to do something different
    Change things for the better and leave a mark on the world
    What kind of feeling do we want to bring to everyone?
    Happy, surprise, love, communication
    Then we work hard on this idea
    It takes time...

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    Thousands of “No”
    Just for one “yes”
    More simple
    To do better
    Then we redesigned
    Until we touched the deepest thoughts
    Change it
    Change the life

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    Easy communication
    This is the origin of happiness
    Because of years of experience in mobile phone manufacturing
    We chose the smartphone as our first step to realize our dreams


Each works is a living and independent life.
We use thoughtful design, do our best to provide humanistic product by equal and friendly communication.
We share our happiness to global users.
Our products are exported to Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Dubai, Brazil, and other regions.

  • South

  • Africa

    Marketing Center in Nigeria
    Marketing Center in Ethiopia
  • Europe

  • Middle

    The United Arab Emirates
    Marketing Center in Dubai
    Marketing Center in Saudi Arabia
  • Southeast

  • China

    Mareting Center in Shenzhen
  • Pakistan

    Marketing Center in Pakistan
  • Production regions of happiness

    Integrate design ideas into manufacturing
    Invest ourselves fully
    Meticulous to every detail
    Nurtures the pursuit of trueness
    Show originality & professional
    With the help of our standardized product lines and automated facility
    Genuine carefully selected materials, never settle for cost
    The most Seiko production, never settle for complicated process
    After going through hundreds of procedures, a prototype becomes delicate works.
    This is the production regions of happiness

  • The joy of sharing happiness

    Each works is a living and independent life
    We use thoughtful design
    Do our best to provide humanistic product
    By equal and friendly communication
    We share our happiness to global users
    Our products are exported to Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Dubai, Brazil, and other regions.

  • Guarantee of happiness

    Every OALE phone
    Undergoes hundreds of harsh overall test
    Environmental work test, drop test, aging test, vibration test and so on
    We strictly control quality in the whole production process
    Quality is OALE’s belief
    This is the guarantee of happiness

  • Easy communication!

    We always strive for improvement
    Aim to provide users best products
    With high quality, excellent design,and more communicative
    And best service
    We are OALE-er, we are family
    No matter how you find us
    We would like to listen to you
    For here
    We share one story
    It's about us
    It's also about you
    Changing the world
    From this day
    Everything is unusual
    “Easy communication!”

  • Values

    Happiness, love, never settle,struggle

    We focus on creating value for our users, embracing change, and continuing to deliver competitive products and services. Insulate from the external pressures and temptations, return to the initial heart, and constantly breakthrough self.
    Never pursue the short-term interests and the surface prosperity, and take the long-term development of the company as the first principle.

  • Brand mission

    Share happiness and make communication easier.

    We use frontier design, and make technology more personalized. Do our best to provide humanistic product by equal and friendly communication. We share our happiness to global users, across borders, but also transcend the culture. Share happiness, easy communication!


  • Happiness
    Instill beauty of humanism into cold technology, and make us happier through technology, this is what we insist on. With dreams of travel, to happiness. Share more fun products to global users. Happiness is a link to build a bridge between us.
  • Love
    We gether here because of love, and we want to do it better not just following certain norms, but love from the heart. Because of love, it makes work more enjoyable.
  • Never Settle
    Never settle is an attitude. It is an attitude that we never settle to make do with design, material, manufacturing, and quality. Just because of our never settle attitude, we do our best to make everythingto the extreme. Because of our never settle attitude, we have created one and another miracles, and we never stop improving.
  • Struggle
    Happiness comes from struggling, and dreams also comes from struggling. Struggle is an enterprising spirit, a driving force for us to advance, and a path to the other side of the dream. All great achievements are achieved through the struggle of people. We believe that we can do something different to influence or even change the world.

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