6.6 inch high definition screen, colorful vision

6.6 inch high definition display in full-fitting technology to make the image richer in color and give you a true and gorgeous visual experience.

Light and shadow, flow from nature

Emerald green, dark night black, vast blue sky, all three color inspired by natural, and vivid interpretated the beauty of nature.

Square perspective, compact layout

Rear five-camera design, combined in a square space, with an exquisite structure and unque style. Main 5 million camera makes your shooting unforgettable.

Smart selfie, beautiful in motion and motionless

Throught AI intelligent beauty algorithm, according to the light and dark, the proportion of the picture, intelligent shooting, shoot your style and personality.

All-day, long-lasting battery life

The chipset architecture with high energy consuption ratio, combined with AI intelligent power saving technology, full use the battery capacity to support a long time standby.

Encrypted fingerprint, belong to you only

A new generation of upgrated fingerprint recognition technology, the recognition area is larger and the speed is faster.